The most crucial thing regarding driving a vehicle is that you should be able to stop it whenever you wish. When the brakes don’t work properly, it hardly matters how capable you are as a driver. If you want your vehicle to stop when you want it to, the brakes always need to be in good condition.

It is related to the safety of you and your dear family. Imagine going for a weekend trip with the music on; it can easily slip your mind that the car/jeep is running at 100 kph. When you suddenly press the brakes your car can only stop within a few seconds if your brakes are in good condition.

So, look for these 5 signs of knowing you need brake repair soon-

  • The brakes make a clicking sound – This is the most common sign of worn-out brake pads. The irritating clicking sound comes just after putting your shoe on the brake and pressing it. The more you push the more rattling sound you hear. In this situation, there is no point in delaying the repair of brake pads as it will hamper the smooth functioning of the brakes. Go to a professional service center to repair them.
  • Brake pads getting thin – It’s a physical sign of deterioration for which you can find some visible cues. Bend down towards your car wheel and see if the brake pads are visible through the metal spokes of the wheels. If so, your brake pads are getting thinner and losing their grip to stop the car. Go for a replacement of pads if this occurs.
  • Brakes start making a screeching sound – Do your car brakes make a loud screeching sound when pressed fully? The main reason for this is a small metal shim in the brakes. The good thing is that this type of sound is the earlier identifier of the brakes being worn out and requiring repair. So, it’s advisable not to ignore this sign and send your car for its due service.
  • Pulsation in the brake pedal – If your foot gets a vibrating/pulsating sensation on pressing the brakes, then it’s a clear sign of worn-out brakes. The pulsation of the brakes hampers your smooth driving. In such a case, we opt for the re-matching of the brakes. It’s an effective solution to increase the life of your brake pads.
  • The car pulls to the other side – When your brakes get old and worn out, your car tends to pull towards the other side of the road after hitting the brakes. You test this pull, drive your vehicle in a straight line, and maintain a reasonable speed. Then press the brakes to see if the car pulls to the other side of the road. If so, call a professional to get your brake pads repaired.

    With the above information, it will be easy for you to identify the need for brake repairs. And thus can ensure safe long road trips for you and your family.