June 17, 2022

One of the most important components in a vehicle is its brakes. Without a fully functional braking system not only is it risky to be driving a vehicle but also expensive as it could lead to further degradation of the parts. If you thought that a healthy mileage and clutch–gear system are the determinants of a vehicle’s good health, you need to think again. Here’s why it is so important to get regular check-ups done on your vehicle’s brakes.

  • The risk of damage or loss of life: It can be perilous if your vehicle doesn’t brake in time and within the required braking distance. There is a direct correlation with impact with other vehicles and objects on the road. The driver and passengers are also putting their lives at risk if the running motion cannot be brought to a controlled halt. There have been umpteen cases of road accidents where the failure of brakes has been assessed to be the root cause.
  • Drain on fuel efficiency: Without proper braking, the vehicle will drag. Sometimes there may be an inadvertent drift while driving. In all such cases, the driver would need to compensate through other clutch gear actions – these consume more fuel. Every time that the vehicle needs sharper navigating due to faulty brakes, there is a tighter drain on the fuel meter. The result is reduced mileage.
  • Further degradation of braking gear: If caught in time, the faulty brakes can be serviced and re-calibrated. The longer they are used without service, the more wear and tear is caused. The other components of the vehicle are also overworked in trying to substitute for them. For example, a simple case of low braking fluid if caught in time can prevent the braking pads or pistons from wearing out from inappropriate overuse.
  • A rough driving experience: Noisy wheels, the vehicle causing random squeals, an automatic tilt or drag in one direction – these are just some of the effects the driver will need to put up with. What is supposed to be a smooth and pleasant experience can soon become a rough ride without the correct brakes.
  • Increased vehicle longevity and lower insurance charges: A vehicle that is not accident-prone and has efficient braking will inherently last longer. Further, it will attract lower vehicle insurance rates.

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