November 18, 2017


Car servicing is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to look after your car. Regular car servicing can save you a fortune in the long run. It’s basically a health check-up of your vehicle, and through it we can tell if you’re good to go take the long road.

During a standard car service check-up, you normally need to have the following checked:


If your car has blown a fuse, your radio isn’t working, or the air conditioning has stopped working, then car servicing is a great way to check the electrics. There’s the main ones that keep the car running such as the alternator, battery and starter motor, but then there’s also the smaller things like your cigarette lighter. How else are you going to charge your phone?!


Your engine oil is essential if you want a smooth ride. Over time, the oil becomes thick and polluted, and your filter is there to clear it out. Of course, the filter itself will eventually become clogged, so this need to be changed too.


A car’s tyres are arguably the most important part of the vehicle when it comes to safety. During a full car service, the tyres are checked for their pressure to make sure they’re not under or over inflated, and for their tread depth. Anything less than 1.5mm on New Zealand roads it illegal.


During a car service, your main headlights are checked to make sure they’re working ok. Your high-beams and the side lights are also checked. But wait, there’s more!  There’s still your fog lights, your indicators, your brake lights, number plate lights and your hazard lights. And that’s it! …other than your reverse lights.

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