June 27, 2021

Every vehicle in New Zealand needs to get a Warrant of Fitness (WoF). In order to get this WoF, you need to get a warrant of fitness assessment done, once the assessment is done you will get a sticker that you can display on your vehicle. This assessment ensures your vehicle is legally compliant, and that it is safe to drive on the road. If you are looking for a warrant of fitness in Albany, Auto Shoppe Albany can assist.

All vehicles that are privately owned need to get a regular WoF. This includes cars, Utes, trailers, motorbikes, caravans, and small trucks. All vehicles that are under 3,500kg, privately owned and intended to be driven on the road, also need a warrant of fitness. Larger vehicles, like campervans or horse trucks, that are over 3,500kg need to obtain a Certificate of Fitness (CoF).
Basic things are checked during the WoF, you can check these before you have the assessment done and fix anything you notice before you take it to be assessed.

The lights on your vehicle all need to be in working order. This includes your indicators, park lights, brake lights, and headlights both dipped and high beams. To check this park your vehicle in front of a window, so you can see the reflection of the lights. If you notice a light is not working, get it fixed before you take it in, a simple search for car repairs in Albany will help you find somewhere to go.

To check if your wipers are in working order, squirt water over them, if the wipers wipe over the windscreen without patches or smudging, they are in working order. If the wipers leave marks or make a noise, then they need to be replaced.

Tyre pressure and tread
Tyre pressure is important because it allows the tyres of your car to maximize the grip on the road and in doing so make it more fuel efficient. It is pretty easy to check the pressure of your tyres, if you do notice it is low, it can also be easily corrected. Checking the tread of your tyre will require you to use a tyre tread depth indicator.

When your car runs out of oil it will seize up and do damage to your engine. You can use a dipstick to assess your oil levels. If you dip the stick in and the oil doesn’t reach the indicator mark, then you need more oil. If your oil needs to be changed, contact Auto Super Shoppe Albany and they will do it for you.

Seats and seatbelts
Your seatbelts must be in working order and have no tears or rips. If you have car seats in your car, they must be removed for the assessment.

Car boot
Before you take your car to be assessed, make sure the boot is clear and that the spare tyre can be accessed easily.

WoF Expiry Date

The WoF does expire, it is a good idea to keep track of the date your WoF will expire so that you can get your new one in time. If you need a WoF Albany the Auto Super Shoppe will be able to assist.