September 25, 2017

Save your car and send it for an Oil Change in Albany

A lifeline. Yes, oil is your car’s lifeline, it is the difference between leaving your house to get to work and actually getting there. Your engine needs fresh clean oil to run, that is why an oil change is essential for the wellbeing of your car. So, if you are looking for an oil change in Albany the give the experts a call.

I think that most people get the picture as to why oil is essential for the engine, but the real mystery is how an oil change is even done in the first place. Most mechanics fail to tell you the process and this can create scepticism towards a cars oil change. Image going into a surgery knowing what is wrong with you and the name of a procedure, but not actually knowing what they are going to do. That wouldn’t make you want to go through with it, right?

What happens during an Oil Change?

Here it is, here is the explanation given to us by the experts of oil change in Albany at Auto Super Shoppe Albany:

  1. Oil levels are checked and oil condition is checked. The experts of oil change in Albany will always begin with this. Checking oil levels and quality helps create a clear picture as to how often and how well looked after the car is.
  2. The oil is then drained. Your car is then lifted on high heels or is worked on from a pit underneath the car in a completely safe and professional manner. At the shop, the team that does an oil change in Albany will then remove the oil pan and drain all old oil.
  3. The oil filter is checked and replaced. Just like your water filter at home that removes all impurities from your water, an oil filter removes all impurities and gunk that comes with an oil engine mixture. If it is clogged with too much of these nasties then it is not able to do the job it was created for. This is where the oil change in Albany team get stuck replacing your oil filter to ensure your filter is fresh and ready to do its job.
  4. Replacing the oil. When you think of an oil change this is most probably the part that your mind jumps to. This is just a smallest and easiest part of the oil change process. Pretty much they fill your car up with oil again. Again, this has its complexities and is best left to the professionals.

Your oil change team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany want to ensure you get the best service for the best price. Leave it to them and they will make sure that your car is running smoothly for as long as possible.

Call them on 094158569 to book an appointment today.