January 12, 2017

If you want to keep your engine in good condition at all times, it is important that you get an oil change done regularly. Luckily, this car maintenance will not put a hole in your wallet as it is quite affordable. However, you should know when your car needs its oil to be changed.

Signs that it is time to change your car’s oil

Here are 3 signs that show that it is time to get your car an oil change:

Sign #1: The golden rule when it comes to changing your engine oil is to get it done every 5,000 kms or every 6 months. The cars that are made today require less maintenance of this type but you should get it done every 6,500 to 9,500 kms to make sure that your engine is well-maintained.

Sign #2: As you know, your car’s engine comes with a filter for contaminants and debris collection. Over time, the contaminants can overload the filter. You will find flakes that are dark in colour and this shows that an oil change is in order. You should get it done immediately at this point as it will damage your car if left unattended.

Sign #3: If you hear a usual sound coming from your car, it may be time to get your engine checked. The oil in your engine lubricates a number of components and when it starts drying up, the different parts start grinding against each other. This grinding will emit strange sounds, meaning that it is time to change your engine oil.

Your engine is what gets your car running so make sure that you take proper maintenance measures and get an oil change regularly by the team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany.