November 1, 2015

It’s a surprising fact that most families will spend more on fuel for their cars than they do on energy bills in the home. The easiest way of course to bring these bills down is to stop driving as much. It’s a nice idea to take public transport or walk, but we all know sometimes that’s just not practical.

If you can’t cut down on the amount you use your car, there are other ways to reduce your fuel costs. By investing in a fuel-efficient vehicle, genuinely thinking about the way in which you drive, and using bio-fuels, all reduce emissions and will save you money in the long term.


It’s always a surprise to people just how much of a difference tyres make to fuel economy. Don’t forget, tyres are your main point of contact with the road, and if they’re not performing at peak efficiency, then your vehicle isn’t either.

Tyre pressure

Always check your tyres pressure to make sure they’re not over or under inflated. Tyres pressurised at the correct level are not only safer, but will get you further per tank. This means less time between refills, saving you money and helping the environment.

Fuel efficient tyres

The EECA has been working with New Zealand tyre distributors to clearly mark new tyres with a stamp of approval. This will allow you to easily see which tyres are better for you and your fuel bill. ENERGYWISE approved tyres meet ENERGYWISE standards for both fuel efficiency and braking in the wet. ENERGYWISE approved tyres will save you fuel and perform when safety really counts.

Compare your fuel economy

If you’re wondering just how efficient your car is compared to others, then check out this coll little app on the Government’s energy saver website. Just click here: