February 6, 2022

Think you’ve covered preventative auto maintenance by changing your oil every 3,000 km and changing your tyres when the tread wears out? Think again. Regular examination of all your car’s critical parts is necessary to keep it in good shape. Allowing small issues to fester until they become major, expensive, and dangerous is not a choice.

This category includes wheel alignment and brake servicing. The following are reasons why automobile wheel alignment and brake checks are critical for safe and cost-effective car ownership.

Seek out the warning signs

Any changes you’ve seen in your brakes, whether or not you’ve noticed a difference in performance, should be brought up at your regular brake check. For example, noisy screaming brakes may suggest that brake pads need to be replaced while grinding or scraping might indicate disc damage.

Likewise, if you notice a change in the feel of your pedal (for instance, whether it has become softer or harder), this can also indicate a significant problem. However, some of the problems you think are caused by a brake system failure might be caused by other vehicle sections.

Keeping repair costs down 

The heat created by the friction used by your brakes to bring your automobile to a stop might deteriorate portions of your braking system. Regular brake inspections allow you to address minor issues before they worsen.

The replacement of brake pads is straightforward and inexpensive. However, they may become obsolete if you wait too long between servicing. Every time you come to a halt, this will destroy your brake discs. The cost of replacing brake discs will be substantially higher.

Brake fluid is another component of your braking system that may be updated. Maintaining the proper quantity of brake fluid guards against corrosion and saves the need for significantly more costly repairs and replacements.

Stopping distance improved

Brake system issues might appear out of nowhere. Essential components, such as brake pads, wear out or deteriorate with time, and you may not notice the difference in stopping distance until you need to stop quickly. Regular brake inspections provide you peace of mind about your vehicle’s stopping distance.

Fuel economy improvement

Poor fuel efficiency can be caused by hard braking, caused by bad driving habits, or difficulties with your braking system. Stopping should be smooth every time if your brakes are operating properly. Examining your brakes will help you save money on gas while preventing tyre and suspension wear.

Maintain the legality of your vehicle

A car must satisfy specific requirements to be legally certified to operate on the road, with regular inspections ensuring that all of your systems are in functioning condition. Checking that your brakes are in excellent working order is a part of that examination. In addition, keep up on essential brake maintenance to ensure your car passes its test.

A better driving experience

One of the most important parts of safe vehicle operation is the ability to stop properly. Maintaining your brakes and brake pads will improve their responsiveness, allowing you to respond more quickly to changing road conditions. In addition, keeping yourself and your passengers safe will help you prevent a potential collision.

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