November 10, 2021

In New Zealand, many automobiles fail their Warrant of Fitness examination the first time around. In January 2021, 570,610 WoF inspections were conducted, with 268,187 failings (about 47%).

The bulk of these failures is caused by minor flaws that may be readily identified and corrected before your WoF.

Lights were the most often failing category, followed by steering/suspension, tyres, brakes, and wipers.

Here are six ways to improve your chances of passing your next WoF exam the first time:


The lights on your car allow you to see well after dark and allow others to see you and your objectives. Check the headlights, parking lights, brake lights, indicators, and high beams. You may also observe the reflection of your automobile by positioning it in front of a window.

Replacing blown bulbs is typically straightforward and affordable.


Check all four tyres visually and your spare tyre and make sure it’s secure.

A clever method is to check the wear on your tyres with a 20-cent coin. Place the coin in the tread with the ’20’ facing you; the bottom of the 20 is about 2mm from the edge of the coin.
If you can see the entire number, your tyre is close to the legal limit and should be changed.

Check the tyres’ overall condition for odd wear patterns and damage. Check tyre pressures and inflate if necessary, making the automobile seem much more comfortable to drive.


Do you hear screeching noises while driving, and does it go away when you brake?

When disc brake pads approach the minimum serviceable thickness, warning indications in the shape of metal strips are positioned to a depth where they will rub against the disc. This is to warn the motorist that the braking material may be low and that they should bring the car in to be changed.

The wear indicator’s rubbing noise is usually most noticeable when the brakes aren’t used, which may decrease when braking.

Another clue that you could require a repair is if your brake fluid level is low or has to be topped up frequently. Brakes are an essential safety component, don’t wait to get them fixed!


Check the wipers on both sides and the washer nozzle (it can sometimes become fully or partially blocked). Fill your washer reservoir with the solution and top it out with water.

Ensure your windscreen is free of chips and cracks and that all glass is clean (including your mirrors).

Seatbelts and Seats

In an accident, a properly working seat belt can save your life. Make that the seatbelts are securely fastened and free of tears, rips, or frays along the edges. Place the folding chairs in the back on their sides. Make sure the belt buckles are properly attached.


Regular maintenance is the best method to maintain your car in good shape. During the service, your technician may uncover faults that may prevent you from receiving your next WoF. However, these issues may be resolved, allowing you to have a stress-free WoF examination.

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