April 8, 2022

Money can be withdrawn even after telling the AC gas has leaked; it may cost 1500 to 2500 rupees to fill it. There is always a doubt in people’s minds regarding car service, whether to get it done at the service center or from a local mechanic. After the end of the free service, some people reach the local mechanic, while some prefer the service center only. But do you know how your pocket is emptied in the name of service? On the condition of anonymity, the expert told some important things.

First: The oil has turned black and will have to be changed

Usually, an oil change is done by saying that the oil has turned black, but this doesn’t seem right. The expert said that no matter how good the oil is, it turns black after going into the engine. Especially when it comes to diesel vehicles, new oil also turns black quickly. In such a situation, if you have experience, you can get an idea of ​​its quality by looking at the viscosity, quality, and texture of oil from oil dip at home.

If you do not have experience, the easiest way is to get the oil changed according to the service record on completion of one year or 10 thousand km. Or if you run more than that, get the service done, in which there is an oil change because the normal life of semi-synthetic oil is 10 thousand km. It happens; the life of mineral oil is even less than this. The service life of complete synthetic oil is 15 thousand km. Even so, it is recommended that ten thousand km be covered. Check once for top-up as the oil evaporates slightly when heated. It would be better to have a local mechanic or an authorized service center get the oil changed in front.

Second: Put in full synthetic oil, and the life of the vehicle will increase

Full synthetic oil indeed increases the engine’s life, but whether it should be poured or not depends on the running of the vehicle. But to earn money, the mechanics ask for expensive oil to be poured. Synthetic oil costs up to three times more than normal oil. Everyone does not need to have this oil poured. Yes, if your running is more or your car is engaged in travels, you can get full synthetic oil poured.

Experts said that semi-synthetic and full-synthetic oils directly affect engine smoothness, running, and wear and tear. So those with high running should have full synthetic oil in their car, especially in diesel engines; it reduces wear and tear.

Engine performance will be good in full synthesis. Synthetic oil expands quickly in the engine, even in cold weather, so if you live in an icy area or where the temperature goes down to extreme or minus, you should use synthetic oil. If it is normal running, then at least get semi-synthetic oil put in.

Third: Wheel alignment-balancing will have to be done

You may be asked to get wheel balancing and alignment done unnecessarily to increase the bill. But you can find out if the condition of the tires needs it. For example, wheel alignment is necessary if the front tires are wearing out irregularly, such as if there is an inside grip that wears out from the outside or if the outside grip is good but wears out from the inside.

Balancing is needed if the steering wheel is jerking or vibrating at high speeds (approximately 80 Kmph). If none of these problems are visible, there is no need to spend money unnecessarily. Of course, I am talking about the rest of the proper scheduling, every 5 thousand km. But balancing and alignment should be done, and wheel rotation should be done at 10 thousand km.

Fourth: Cooling is not happening; the AC filter will be changed.

Most people do not know when the AC filter should be changed, and mechanics take advantage of this and get the AC filter changed in vain. The expert said that an AC filter is installed every 20 thousand km. But it has changed.

It would be better to get the AC checked once before the start of the summer season because, in the summer, most people complain that the AC is not cooling, but it happens that the fresh air flows well due to the jam in the AC filter wouldn’t. Therefore, before the heat comes, check the filter once.

Fifth: The battery needs to be changed; it’s damaged

The battery is getting worse; it won’t last long; get a new one. Even saying this, many mechanics forcibly increase the bill. The expert said that if the battery level is maintained and the vehicle continues to run properly, there will be no problem with the battery, and service will be given for a long time. So get the battery water top-up done twice a year.

Even if the battery is getting discharged, get it charged once or twice, which is very costly; get the alternator checked, as it may be that the battery is draining due to the faulty alternator. If the problem persists after all this, a decision can be taken to install a new battery.

Sixth: The air oil filter is damaged and will have to be replaced

The filters are worn out and have to be replaced, and at that point, the customer has no option but to say yes. Local mechanics do a lot of rigging in the filter, putting the local filter as original, and due to lack of experience, we cannot identify it. Therefore, even if the filters have to be changed, the authorized center can be trusted.

Seventh: AC gas has leaked and will have to be refilled

By giving this reason, a good amount of money can be recovered. Sometimes the AC reduces the cooling, and the mechanic tells us why the AC gas has run out. The commoner does not know much of this, and it is well known to the mechanic. Experts said that often long bills are given by giving this reason. Every company uses different types of AC gas; through this, it does AC cooling. It is for a lifetime. Without leakage, gas cannot be exhausted.

However, there is no way for the commoner to check whether the AC gas has run out or not. According to the size of the vehicle, AC gas is supplied from 250 grams to 600 grams; if it is less, the AC will perform inside. If the mechanic removes the gas from the machine and says that so much gas has come out, it is fine; otherwise, it can also be tampered with.


Usually, it is said to have full synthetic oil, which is quite expensive, but its requirement depends on your running. After going through all the above points, you are now ready to service your vehicle. Now you are aware of all the tips regarding the warrant of fitness. You can’t ignore the servicing of your vehicle because this is an essential part of your vehicle so that you can drive safely on the road. So make sure before going for the warrant of fitness you must read this article and be careful.