March 17, 2016

If you’re looking for automotive repairs in Albany, then we can help. While a lot can go wrong with a car, it’s surprising just how common a few specific things are. Check out the most common automotive repairs carried out every year, and keep an eye on some of these common complaints yourself. Regular servicing can stop these little problems before they grow and end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Fixing the brakes

Brake repair is one of the most common jobs an auto mechanic will undertake. It’s not surprising either, brakes are constantly used and brake pads come under extreme stress and heat during an average car journey. Everyday wear and tear on the brakes mean that they are a regular subject for automotive repairs in Albany.

Oil change

It’s something we can all do, but often forget about it, an oil change is an everyday occurrence in auto repair shops up and down the country. Make sure you check your oil regularly, and it you’ve never had it changed, pop in and see us!


Just like the vehicle’s brakes, tyres will need replacing eventually. Many people don’t feel the difference because tyres will wear down over time, so wait until it’s too late before having them replaced. Obviously, tyres can get damaged regardless of their age, and this also contributes to the frequency of automotive repairs regarding tyres.


This covers a wide range of faults, from brake lights to blown fuses. Electrical faults are a very popular reason to bring your car in for automotive repairs. If you have a European car, then make sure you bring it to a mechanic that has experience in foreign cars.

Battery problems

Batteries don’t last forever, and when one fails then it’s time to come in and have it replaced. A flat or inefficient battery is a very common when it comes to automotive repairs, so check yours today!

So if any of these look familiar, then you need help with automotive repairs in Albany Call us today and book an appointment.