January 26, 2023

A Warrant of Fitness in New Zealand is a clearance offered to your vehicle that certifies its roadworthiness. Getting a Warrant means that not only are you cleared to drive safely around but also the vehicle conforms to the standards set by the New Zealand authorities. However, taking the vehicle for such an inspection is a cumbersome process owing to the multiple checks and balances that are required for such clearance. There are some home hacks that you can try out in a DIY mode to ensure that the process is less stressful and smooth.

  • Check for seat belt health. Make sure that the buckles clasp on firmly, the belts are not worn out and the fit is snug and comfortable. Seat belts have been proven to save lives, so ensure that they retract well, and have enough strength and bearing to perform well.
  • Ensure that lights are functioning well. The interior lights help you see and navigate inside – hence adequate lighting is a necessity. The exterior lights are statutorily important. While the headlights aid in maneuvering the vehicle, the indicators and tail lights are important cues for other vehicles and their drivers.
  • The wiper blades will mostly wear out from abrasion over time. Ensure that the pads and washers are replaced to cover enough span with the desired level of effectiveness. Enough water must be shot and wiped out so as not to leave patches of grime on the windshield.
  • To allow for great road grip, the tyre weight, width, and air pressure must be closely inspected. This will make the vehicle more fuel-friendly and also easy to drive. Get a quick check done for tyre health and wheel alignment before heading for a warrant inspection.
  • Regular servicing of the vehicle is your foremost tool towards a smooth and hassle-free warrant of fitness. Other than keeping your driving experience spotless, it helps your vehicle age very slowly.
  • Finally ensure that your oil levels are optimal and that the lubricant, coolant, and other additives are regularly replaced as required. The engine, clutch, and gear will all remain in good health if the above are adhered to in a timely and disciplined manner.

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