July 13, 2017

While having regular maintenance done on your car can prevent a lot of problems, including issues with your clutch, it’s never a bad idea to know just a little about how things work. Were you to know just a little about the operation of your vehicle, then you could spot potential problems before they blew up into major repairs issues.

If you’re the type of person to use the clutch to crawl forward in small measurements, after a while of doing this, if you begin to smell a burning smell reminiscent of burnt toast go to your automotive repairs workshop because your clutch is being damaged and needs attention.

If you ever find that your car is randomly going out of gear for no reason at all, perhaps the gear in your clutch is worn. Contact the team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany and get it repaired or replaced ASAP.

Despite not being the actual clutch, if you find that your clutch is slipping it may be a sign that oil is leaking in the inner workings. The experienced team at the Auto Super Shoppe Albany can tell you exactly what’s going on with your clutch.

Last but not least, the part of your clutch that controls pressure can fail and this will cause the clutch to obviously lose pressure and then it’ll prevent it from disengaging. Again, not exactly your clutch but still a problem that needs attention. Regardless, you should take your car to your mechanic at the Auto Super Shoppe Albany whenever a problem arises, as well as for regular maintenance, to help prevent such problems with your clutch.