February 19, 2022

Warrant of Fitness (WoF) refers to the guidelines provided by the New Zealand safety standards for vehicles to ensure it causes no accidents or injuries. In New Zealand, you need to ensure the vehicle you drive has WoF, especially for older cars. While WoF may cause stress, driving a vehicle without one can trigger legal issues. Driving a car/truck without a warrant of fitness remains illegal in the country as the guidelines suggest it is unroadworthy. Hence, you must get the current Warrant of Fitness sticker to avoid police officers pulling you over and informing the unworthiness of your vehicle. The officers will instruct you to get the vehicle off-road. You can only drive the vehicle again when it passes the new WoF inspection.

Check Lights
Before taking your vehicle for testing, check all the lights. Every headlight, park light, indicator, and brake light must work.

Check the wipers. The windscreen wipers need to function and remain in good order.

Check Tyre Tread And Pressure
The pumped-up tires tend to have a better grip on the road. It also increases efficiency by saving fuel. It is vital to check the recommended pressure for your vehicle before you start pumping the tires. Check the tire tread depth indicators. It will help you know if the tires have baldness or not.

An oil check has significance in ensuring the vehicle engine does not wear out. Insufficient oil can lead to the engine seizing up. You can use a dipstick to detect the oil amount. If the dipstick fails to reach the indicator mark, you need more oil.

Seats And Seatbelts
Before getting the warrant of fitness (WoF) includes check the seatbelts. The seatbelts need to remain accessible with ease. Try to have no rips or tears. Make sure the back seats remain up to save time.

Car Boot
Empty the car boot. It allows you to easily check the availability of spare wheels.
In New Zealand, the average age of a vehicle remains at 14.4 years. Compared to other countries, the average age in New Zealand remains high. But, the vehicle must undergo a warrant of fitness to ensure it remains roadworthy. Warrant of fitness does not replace the vehicle service. It never means the vehicle’s other vital part has undergone in-depth analysis. The WoF only checks for visibly unsafe areas of the car. Hence, you need to make sure your car remains in top condition by seeking assistance from expert mechanics. Only professionals can do an in-depth analysis of the vehicle to uncover any problem that remains hidden.

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