November 1, 2015

Like most things in this life, tyres come in many different shapes and sizes. And also like most other things in life, the best when it comes to quality and value will rise to the top at the end of the day. Here in New Zealand we are lucky enough to have several high quality tyre manufacturing companies available to us, including the likes of Michelin, Bridgestone and Pirelli. These companies don’t just make tyres for the racing industry, but they also design and manufacture high quality performance tyres for public use.

As all good mechanics know, that no matter how perfectly tuned your engine is, no matter what make your car is or how much it cost you, the performance of your vehicle will always come down to your tyres. If you’re really into your cars, and want to get the most out of your vehicle, then you’ll be looking for performance tyres over normal, everyday tyres.

Performance tyres are specially designed tyres that have a lower and stiffer profile side wall and larger treads for a better grip. Some may even have a nylon cap over the steel belts to hold the type in place at high speeds. Originally designed for racing, they have made their way into mainstream consumerism. Every car drives easier with performance tyres as their contact with the road. The advances in technology of modern day tyres is astonishing and it’s improving every year. Performance tyres react faster, handle better and work more efficiently with today’s suspension and braking systems.

So if you are considering taking your vehicle to the next level, then call us today. We can help you with the difficult decisions when it comes to which tyres to research. If you’ve any questions or queries about performance tyres, we’ll try our best to help. If you’ve bought the tyres, and just need someone to fit them or a professional to look them over, then we can help there too. Call us today!