November 1, 2015

What does it mean when your muffler is noisy? Well, it could mean that your muffler is damaged or defective. A damaged muffler can make any trip uncomfortable and noisy. If your muffler is broken, listen to the sound of your vehicle. If it is broken, the sound will be louder than before. A thumping or clunking sound might mean something is broken in the exhaust system instead.

Some mufflers also have things called baffles, which reduce the noise of the exhaust system. These can become broken or loose, and cause a rattling in the muffler. Start your car and observe it, specifically the muffler.

Thick, billowy smoke could mean your muffler is indeed damaged. Look at the muffler, and see if it is rusted or has any holes. Visible rust on the outside could mean an even more severe problems on the inside.

If water is dripping from your muffler, that could be fine. After all, some manufacturers include a small drain hole in the muffler. However, if it’s dripping from several places, then it may indicate that holes have formed from the rust.

Also check the the temperature of your car. Assuming you drive to work, and drive more than a couple minutes, then check the temperature of the engine once you get to work, since the car has been running for a while now. If the car tends to overheat, the exhaust system may have problems.

The team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany can take care of all of these muffler issues in their fully equipped workshop so if you have a noisy, rusty or dripping muffler, come in today for the team to inspect and recommend if work needs to be undertaken.