November 1, 2015

With the investment you have made in buying a BMW it is just logical that you properly maintain and take care of that investment. As a BMW owner, it is essential that you know the basics about your vehicle. At least, if you encounter problems take for instance if you need BMW car repairs, you know who to call and you know what to do.

Two Types of Service Regimes

Unknown to some but there are actually two types of BMW servicing: the Condition Based Servicing and the Non-CBS also known as the Schedule Servicing.

To help you know which type of servicing is needed, you just rely on the information of your vehicle. If your car was made in 2006, it falls under the CBs. However, there are exceptions as models like Z4 and X3 are not included. CBS also known as Condition Based Servicing monitors the degree of depreciation of various components as well as the oil levels. With this service, you get to check the time and the mileage recommendations. By analysing the data available, you know when a service is needed.

Consult Experts

To help you fix any concern or problem, it is strongly recommended that you find licensed and expert mechanics who know how to work with BMW parts and components. The Auto Super Shoppe Albany have fully trained and experienced technicians for all your BMW car repairs and servicing needs. Contact the team today for a booking.