May 12, 2016

There are a few things that are best when left to experts and car repair is one of them. Working with cars that run on the best technologies is not an ideal DIY job. It takes specialised skills and training like that held by the team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany to understand these cars. However, there are some basic things like checking the oil and topping coolant, that you can do yourself. For other more serious repairs, like battery replacement and changing parts, it is best left to the experts.

Here is a list of car repair jobs that you should let an expert handle:

1. Replacing a timing belt is a huge maintenance issue and you will need to do it a couple of times in the car’s lifetime. If the belt is not placed properly, the engine can be damaged permanently. Typically, the belt will need to be replaced once the car has done 100,000 Kms.

2. Transmission maintenance is a highly complicated car repair job. Automatic transmission in a car is very advanced and runs on some complicated computer programmes. The system also is made up of dozens of minute parts, which may need replacement. An expert is trained to do this job and is best if they do it.

3. Fiddling with the engine’s cooling system is not at all safe for the health of the engine and the car. The cooling system has to be maintained in a specific manner that only an expert knows. Merely filling up the coolant may not be sufficient at most times.

Know and understand your car before you open the hood and get started! Sometimes, letting experts do the car repair turns out cheaper in the long run.