April 10, 2021

As per the current situation of our roads, the driving of cars and any other vehicles is not fully safe. There are a lot of systems that can be improved to get better on the road, and the Braking system is one of them. All the other improvements can cause a budget problem, but the Braking system is inbuilt into the car. To make a Braking system more powerful, we must do proper maintenance. This article describes the importance of getting a regular brake check.

How the braking system does its works:

Before knowing the importance of getting regular brake checks, we have to know how they work. The working process of the breaks is not very complicated. First of all, we have to know that all wheels of the car or any other vehicle have their braking system, and all of these are connected and operated by a hydraulic system.

When you press the brake paddles, a piston is connected to it. This piston pushes the cylinder, and the cylinder squeezes the hydraulic fluid.

There are brake lines that are connected to all the tires. Therefore, this hydraulic fluid circulated throughout the brake lines and reached all tires.

When the hydraulic liquid comes into the tires, the hydraulic liquid presses the brake pad against the brake disc. This creates friction between the brake disk and the brake pad and Finally leads to reduced speed. As you know, the process of Braking is not so complicated, but if the system fails to perform its function, there may be a big problem.

There are two types of brake available: disc and drum. The drum brakes are the old types, while the discs are the Latest.

Getting a regular break check is very important for the ride, and it also helps maintain control. In addition, regular check ensures the brake performance and decreases the chances of major trouble.

A common type of brake problem:

1. Sponge brake paddles: –

This is one of the major problems in which the brake paddles are sponge, or you can say that the paddles become spring-like. The effect of this when you press the brake paddles is to bounce back. There is one more possibility in sponge brakes instead of being hard, the brake paddles become very soft, and as a result, when you push the paddles down without showing any effect on the brake. The sponge brake is one of the major causes of vehicle accidents.

2. Hard brake paddles: –

In this case, the brake paddles are getting very hard, and you can’t push the brake. Sometimes you feel that the brake pedals are locked.


As you know, the brakes are the most important part of any vehicle, and if you are unable to maintain this, it can cause very serious issues. The brakes are a repairable part, but when the problems are gone out of reach, only a solution is exchanged, which is very costly.