July 22, 2022

Before you drive your car, don’t you want it to be in its best condition, for your safety and that of your fellow people on the road? The vehicle has to undergo checks to prove its optimal functioning. And when the car passes this test, a certificate is issued to it called WOF.

This article will discuss WOF and why it is essential for your vehicle.

What is WOF?

In general terms, a Warrant of Fitness is regular checking of your car or truck to make sure it fulfills all the prescribed safety criteria. WOF is a certificate issued after doing the required test. All the car parts are examined to see if they are correctly functioning. This certificate should always be carried by you while driving.

WOF covers the following inspections –

  • Headlights and Rear lights
  • Functioning of brakes
  • Durability of windscreen
  • Car Tyre condition
  • A working horn
  • Clear number plate
  • Smooth movements of doors
  • Safety belts and buckles operate well
  • Presence of airbags
  • Correct speedometer
  • Proper steering movements
  • No leaks in the fuel tank
  • Well-kept exhaust system

Why is WOF important?

WOF standards are mandatory as their benefits are broad. Let’s read them below –

  • Safety of yourself – All parts of your car should be working correctly for a safe drive. If any crucial part like headlights stops functioning, it could lead to a road accident. So, WOF certificate includes all those car parts whose proper functioning is essential for a safe drive.
  • Safety of fellow drivers and pedestrians – A car pulling to the other side of the road while in motion can be fatal to you and fellow drivers and pedestrians. Such out-of-control movements lead to road mishaps. But if the WOF car parts checks are done thoroughly, it can help avoid this. For people to be safe while driving on the road, the government has made the WOF certificate mandatory for a vehicle.
  • Smooth insurance claim – If one meets with an unfortunate accident and your WOF certificate is still valid; your insurance claim will pass smoothly. And if your WOF certificate is not renewed at the time of the accident, then the insurance company will have a stronger claim against giving you the compensation. So, don’t wait for the last date to get it renewed.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – When a vehicle is serviced and works in proper condition, it causes minor damage to the environment. If the silencer is properly functioning, the car will contribute less to noise pollution. Or, if your fuel tank is not leaking, it will save fossil resources.
  • Increase in the vehicle’s durability – A well-maintained car with regular inspections will have a longer lifespan. If worn-out brakes are repaired, the durability of the windscreen is good, tyres are in good condition, headlights are optimal, the speedometer is functioning correctly, etc. A car/truck/bike will be in good shape for a long time without demanding a replacement.

Warrant of Fitness has far-reaching benefits, so never wait for its expiry date to come. Do renew it a few days before for the safety of your people.