April 13, 2017

Unfortunately a faulty car battery is one of the most common causes of calls for roadside assistance – but the team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany are here to help. We offer car battery testing and replacement services that will keep you moving and reduce the risk of being stuck with a flat battery.

When looking after your car battery needs, Auto Super Shoppe Albany will:

  • Ensure that the electrical system is charging at the correct rate – overcharging and undercharging can damage the battery

  • Top off the battery using distilled water as required to avoid damage to the internal structure

  • Replace your battery with one that is rated at least as high as the originally specified battery

  • Clean the top of the battery – dirt becomes a conductor draining the battery while corrosion becomes an insulator which inhibits current flow

If a replacement battery is necessary you can be comfortable in the knowledge that the Auto Super Shoppe Albany is an authorised Century Car Battery stockist, providing only the highest quality car batteries. All batteries fitted by our team come with a three year warranty since they have more lead plates to conduct the charge which in turn ensures a longer battery lifespan.

Auto Super Shoppe Albany offer a battery inspection service with a computerised print out via our digital car battery tester so come in and see us today.