Staying cool in your vehicle gets harder every year.

This is because 15% of your car’s air conditioning gas escapes in the first year, followed by 7% every year thereafter.

Auto Super Shoppe Albany have invested in the latest computerised vehicle air conditioning equipment to give you confidence the next time you book in your vehicle for an air conditioning service.

If you’re about to embark on a long journey with your family, keeping the car cool and comfortable is one of the best ways to keep everyone happy.

The safety aspects of a well maintained air con system are often overlooked. Your air conditioning system helps control in-car humidity that could otherwise make the driver drowsy, and one push of the A/C button works to quickly demist a foggy windscreen – especially handy if you drive a people mover and have just picked up a load of kids who are wet and dirty after their morning sport commitments.

Recently we have see the emergence of mobile car air conditioning servicemen who have left their customers confused and frustrated when their air con breaks down not long after being serviced.

This is because most mobile technicians will only top up the gas but neglect the lubricant required to keep the system operating smoothly. We guarantee a comprehensive and complete service, as topping up the gas and lubricant are essential components of our service to you.

Booking in your vehicle for an air conditioning service check can also save you a lot of money! In some vehicles if the gas runs too low it will damage your air conditioning pump which will cost thousands to fix!

Your car will have lost half its gas after four years, which is why we recommend having this seen to every three to four years.

The service involves discharging, recharging and lubricating your refrigerant system. We also test the compressor oil if applicable to your vehicle and change it if required.

You will find Auto Super Shoppe Albany mechanical services particularly convenient if you live or work around the following areas:

Albany, North Shore, Browns Bay, East Coast Bays.