Your vehicles need for clutch repairs will primarily be of concern if you’re driving a car with a manual transmission. It can last 4-7 years depending on your driving habits.

A slipping or worn clutch is a common cause of roadside rescue fees. If it fails it can damage the flywheel, adding expense to an already serious mechanical fault.

  • Warning Signs of failing Clutch
  • Shuddering when taking off
  • Difficulty changing gears
  • Noisy gear shifts
  • The clutch pedal response has diminished.
  • High revs from a standing start or going up hills

Auto Super Shoppe mechanics are highly trained in diagnosing any problems of this nature, and can service, repair or replace your clutch if necessary.

Our Clutch repairs include:

  • Checking the free-play (adjustment) in the clutch cable
  • Adjusting clutch cable if necessary
  • Checking clutch fluid (hydraulic system)
  • Road testing the vehicle

You’ll be pleased to know that a clutch adjustment can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

Driving habits can also be a huge factor in the longevity of your clutch and the need for clutch repairs, particularly if you ride the clutch. This is where you needlessly keep the clutch partially disengaged, causeing the clutch to be unable to engage with the flywheel and causes premature wear as a result.

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