Are you running the wrong fuel for your engine or using too much fuel?

At Auto Super Shoppe Albany, we run an emissions test as a routine part of all vehicle servicing. It’s at this point we can detect whether the fuel you’re using is right for your engine or using too much fuel. This check can be performed in as little as 10 minutes.

A healthy vehicle will have a clean car exhaust and mufflers system. If your exhaust has become noisy, or the smoke trail behind you is starting to obscure traffic then you should come and see us.

If your car is less responsive and seems to be lacking power, the cause can sometimes be traced to a blocked exhaust which we can easily correct for you.

The team will also check to see if your exhaust and muffler system has a leak. This is critical to then health and safety of your passengers on longer journeys, as dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can be released inside your vehicle.

We can install or repair standard and modified exhaust systems regardless of the shape or size of your vehicle, so bring your car in today.

We’re also familiar with all regulations regarding decibel limits on modified exhaust and muffler systems, saving you from potential fines or infringement notices.

Tip: Your exhaust system can be checked at home by looking at the panels around the exhaust pipe. If you notice a buildup of dirt or discolouration, that indicates things aren’t running as cleanly as they should be.

If you’re not sure, don’t live with uncertainty! Come in and see us, we’ll be happy to take a look for you free of charge. We’ve been looking after motorists on the North Shore for over 25 years so come and experience the difference our expert mechanics will make to your car.
We can install and repair both standard and modified car exhaust systems on vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Did you know:
A simple way to check your exhaust system is to look at the panels around the exhaust pipe. If they are grey and dirty, your exhaust is not running as cleanly as it should be – come in and see us.

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