Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Clean oil keeps your engine healthy and protects the most expensive components of your engine.

Doing mostly short journeys? Changing your oil becomes even more important! The pressure placed on your engine by frequent start-ups is compounded by the fact that short journeys don’t allow the oil to heat up and reach operating temperature.

Oil can degrade an engine even when it’s sitting in the garage. It also collects metal filings from the engine and particulates from the atmosphere, giving your oil a sandpaper effect once the car is in motion.

Our technicians are highly trained to recognise the unique needs of your vehicle. We use only the best quality engine oils specially provided by our suppliers to meet rigorous requirements – it’s not available in standard retail outlets! The process of changing your vehicle’s oil will also include a Wynns engine flush to clean out any residue or sludge.

As a rule, you should book in an oil change every 6 months or 10,000kms.

To make sure you don’t forget and end up overlooking this essential part of car maintenance, our team will remind you! We will provide text or mail reminders at your recommended service intervals to make booking as straightforward as possible.

It’s all part of the service that the team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany are here to provide you.

Remember we can also arrange a courtesy car on the day of your oil change or service to minimise any inconvenience. Just let us know you need one before you pop in and we’ll have it ready and waiting when you arrive!

Call us now to arrange your next oil change and we’ll make sure your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

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Albany, North Shore, Browns Bay, East Coast Bays.