A radiator fault can lead to one of the most dramatic looking vehicle breakdowns (not to mention being hard for the driver to live down!). The sight of a vehicle pulled over with steam bellowing out from under the hood at least makes it easy to diagnose what has gone wrong!

Your radiator helps maintain an optimal operating temperature inside your engine bay. A healthy radiator cools your engine, making sure it doesn’t overheat.

Over time, a radiator can become damaged by stones, filled with dirt or bugs, rust from the inside casing, and block up. In addition to the main radiator service, the plastic tanks attached to most radiators can be damaged by the constant heating and cooling they experience during every day use leading to cracks.

The most obvious signs your radiator needs some attention are overheating and leaking onto driveway/garage floor. The ‘water’ you see pooling under your car isn’t just H2O, there is also water pump lubricant, anti-freeze, anti-boil and anti-rust. These additives need replacing every 20,000 km. It’s important to understand the correct mixture of coolant to water that is required due to seasonal variations. Too little or too much can be bad for your engine.

Radiator Flush:

To clean out all the sludge and potentially damaging contaminants, we highly recommend a radiator flush.

This will allow the cooling liquid to flow more efficiently through the engine and prevent overheating in future.

Tip: If your radiator is blocked, the first thing you might notice (especially in winter) is that your heater stops working. If this has happened to you recently, call us now to book your vehicle and avoid a costly repair in future.

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