If you have noticed your car is handling poorly, this can indicate a problem with your shock absorbers or suspension system.

These problems can be indicated by:

  • Taking longer to stop (as much as 3m at 80kmph.)
  • Aquaplaining on wet roads
  • Veering to one side while driving.
  • Noises when turning.
  • Trouble cornering

The decrease in braking efficiency caused by leaking or worn shock absorbers can cause your vehicle to fail it’s WoF inspection.

WoF inspections do not test shocks and suspension directly.

The steering mechanism is designed to be sharp and responsive, enabling the driver to respond quickly to any changes in driving conditions.

Your car’s suspension is designed to keep your tyres in contact with the road surface and eliminate road shock, providing a more comfortable journey.

Our mechanics understand these complexities and can expertly balance the two, providing the ultimate driving experience for you and your passengers.

Suspension faults can develop gradually – sneaking up on you over time. They’re not as easily identified as tyres or filters and cannot be detected by a simple visual test, though any leaking of hydraulic fluid can be easily identified.

You’ll be pleased to know that we taken the guesswork and any anxiety out of the process. Auto Super Shoppe Albany have access to unique technology that can detect any problems with your shocks, steering or suspension.

In front wheel drive vehicles, the front suspension is further complicated through the CV (constant velocity) joint system, which transfers power to the wheels that also steer the vehicle.

The joint itself is protected by a rubber ‘boot’ which is packed with grease to ensure smooth functioning. If the boot cracks over time, the grease can escape and leave the joint unprotected.

For more information about pricing regarding (Suspension, Shocks and Steering) shocks, suspension, steering or cv joints, you can view our price menu.

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Did you know: Vehicles must be lowered correctly to gain a Warrant of Fitness. If you want to lower your suspension, see us for specialist support.