You may be surprised to learn the most common cause of major mechanical failure in modern cars is the transmission failing, not the engine.

Fluid leaks from an automatic transmission can sometimes be confused with engine oil (which can easily be blown from the transmission by airflow). Transmission fluid is usually deep red in colour, though our technicians can provide a vehicle health check which will confirm what you need to look for.

Warnings signs of a failing transmission:

  • A delay in take-off
  • Shudder
  • Shifts aren’t as smooth
  • Reverse gear is particularly stubborn

Tip: If you’ve just purchased a car, we would highly recommend you prioritise a transmission flush and replacement of transmission fluid as soon as possible.

Most drivers know to change their oil regularly, but the transmission can go neglected over the lifetime of the car.

A transmission contains between 8-15 litres of oil, so a transmission fluid leak doesn’t need long to cause major damage.

Once the oil has leaked out, or become too contaminated with metal filings and bits of pads, it overheats and provides inadequate protection to the complex inner workings of most modern automatic transmissions.

The transmission will then cook from the inside out like a microwave!

As there is no warning light for transmission faults, our vehicle health check will provide the life left in the transmission oil.

You can also be assured that Auto Super Shoppe Albany expert technicians will only use premium high-grade fully synthetic transmission fluid.

We advise your vehicle be booked in for a transmission flush and fluid change every 60,000kms. This servicing should be more frequent if you’re often using your vehicle to tow or haul heavy loads as it can cause early transmission failure


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