Only the best should be considered when selecting car tyres for your vehicle – your family’s safety depends on it!

Auto Super Shoppe Albany have demonstrated our commitment to keeping your family safe on the road by investing in a computerised car lane (one of only fifteen in the country) that can immediately diagnose the state of your wheel alignment and tyre ovality.

We provide a full selection of tyres to match your individual driving habits, making it easy to do the very best for your family when your tyres have worn out.

Two factors critical to tyre safety are tread and tyre pressure.

Tread helps your vehicle to grip the road when braking and cornering. Treads must legally have a depth of 1.5 mm across three quarters of the tyre.

Tyre pressure is determined by the level of tyre inflation. If it’s too low, your car will use more fuel. If it’s too high, it can have a negative effect on overall wear in addition to vehicle handling.

We routinely check tyres as part of every vehicle service at Auto Super Shoppe Albany. For more information on our servicing options, please see our pre-priced menu board options.

Tyre wear can have a significant impact on whether your vehicle can be warranted. We will always advise you when it’s time to replace your current set of tyres before they become a liability to the safety of your car.

Wheel Alignments

Your car’s handling can be negatively affected if your wheels are out of alignment. Correcting wheel alignment can also improve tyre life and fuel economy.

Some signs your car may need a wheel alignment are:


• Turning becomes difficult
• Vehicle pulls to one side or the other while driving
• Vibration while driving

Additionally, tyres may show the following:

• Uneven wear on one side
• Feathering
• Flat Spotting

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