Bring your car in for some of the very best Tyre brands on New Zealand roads today. Whether you need New Car Tyres, a Puncture Repair or a Wheel Balance let the team at Auto Super Shoppe Albany look after you.

Looking after your Car tyres is critical to safety for you and your family on the road, that’s important to us and that why we go the extra mile to make sure you get the right match car tyre for your particular vehicle and driving requirements.

Tyres and Wheel Alignment:

Having a decent amount of tread and having the correct tyre pressure the two main factors at play in tyre safety. Tyre tread gives your vehicle grip on the road surface that becomes essential for braking and tight cornering. Driving on low-inflated tyres effects your fuel consumption negatively, while driving on overly high-inflated tyres will speed up unnecessary tyre wear and tear.

Not sure if your Car Tyres need replacing or the pressure adjusted. The good news is your tyres are checked as standard procedure during our Car Servicing and we will not only ensure you have the right pressure in your tyres, but advise you if you are at risk of a tyre puncture and should look at getting new tyres.

Wheel Alignments:

Wheel Alignments improve the handling of your vehicle; it also gets rid of shudders, improves fuel consumption and prolongs the life of your tyre tread. When you bring your vehicle in our our workshop in Albany for a wheel alignment, we adjust all four wheels so they are perfectly parallel to each other. We achieve this using the laser technology which produces a sensorised zone around the cars parametre and warns us of any steering or suspension problems.

The results include improved,

Driver Safety, Vehicle Handling, Fuel Efficiency, Suspension Life, Tyre Wear and Steering.

How do you know if your car needs new tyres, repairs or a wheel balance? 

Symptoms includes, Wheels are hard to turn, Car pulling to the left or the right, Vibration, Increased Tyre wear, Uneven wear on one side, Feathering or Flat Spotting.

We are proud service our local area with New Car Tyres, Puncture Repairs & Wheel Balances in Browns Bay and Albany.

Contact us for all your New Tyre or Maintenance requirements.